Psychometric & Career Test

Psychometric & Career Test

The psychometric tests are used to determine candidate's intellectual and emotional abilities. In the field of education, psychometric tests are also used to evaluate the performance of the student in different aspects.

Psychometric & Career Test Mangalmay

Let us consider some basic questions first.

  • Are you short or tall?
  • Are you slim or moderate or obese?
  • Are you good at sports or academics?
  • Which fine arts did you like in school and why is that so?
  • Are you good at maths or science?
  • What was your school-life ambition and what stopped you from achieving it?
  • Can you describe your schooldays?
  • Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
  • What qualities of yours can be said by you as your assets?
  • You approach people when you are in a party.
  • How you behave when you are in a group.

These questions can very well be marked as autonomous exams. The responses will be written on the basis of the experiences that you have experienced and your private concerns.

Note: Last Date for Psychometric Test is 15/11/2019

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