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There are multiple questions that bemuse one on reading the three letter acronym- M.B.A. So let's begin with the most important questions for MBA admission in 2021 - 'What is an MBA?', 'How many years are required to complete the degree?', ' What is the average course duration?', ' What all subjects does the course list cover and what should be my choice of subjects as per the market trends?', 'What's unique about MBA admission in 2021?', 'What is a typical MBA course fee?', 'Which is the best MBA college in Delhi NCR region?' 'Best MBA colleges in Greater Noida?' etc.

It's better to begin with the very basics. Some of the above mentioned questions might sound too trivial but you may find out and skip to the content as per your suitability. What is an MBA?
MBA is a postgraduate degree that equips one not just personally but also professionally with the following skill-set:
» Imparting theoretical knowledge about the complete foundation of the business.
» Providing internships (i.e. for practical know-how) in order to test the theoretical knowledge imparted during the course tenure.
» Building specific skills in domains of management as well as leadership
» Imbibing a variety of soft skills like negotiation, motivation and communication
» Providing multiple career growth options by opening up varied global opportunities
» Running an independent business after going through this course (i.e. Entrepreneurship)
It requires a lot of effort to decide whether to select a course in India or abroad. Thus, the selection has to be made keeping in mind personal preferences like:
» Working amd opting for the course along with
» Settling near family
» Course curriculum
» Type of MBA course

Various Types Of MBA Courses
MBA courses are available these days in a variety of formats like:
» Full time MBA
» Part time MBA
» Executive MBA
» Correspondence Course
» Distance MBA course
» Online MBA course etc
Each one has its own pros and cons.

The MBA Advantage
An MBA provides you with both recognition as well as leadership that cannot simply be earned in the workplace. Opting for a post graduate level course work in business administration will help one to work in a wide variety of business organizations, therefore expanding one's potential as well as expertise. MBAs are acknowledged in most countries and are also respected for their business credentials. Thus, the degree is opening up a world of career opportunities for learners to dwell upon.

While the traditional two year MBA programs are still common, one year MBA programs are gaining popularity these days. Part-time as well as online programs are also an available option for professionals who are not willing or are unable to take an year or two off i order to complete a full time program. Executive MBA programs in India are often targeted at by professionals with more years of managerial experience than traditional MBA candidates due to paucity of time.

All the top MBA colleges have one or other varied components that determine the eligibility of a candidate for MBA admission along with a different MBA admission procedure. In order to know the MBA Admission in 2021 (process) one should also have sufficient knowledge about the procedure for MBA Entrance Exams. One needs to appear in one of these MBA entrance exams in order to get through the MBA admission process of the best MBA colleges in Delhi NCR.
Even though the MBA admission process in our country for all the top MBA colleges is almost the same, the difference actually lies is their acceptability of MBA entrance exam score. For example: The best MBA colleges in Greater noida and the various other MBA college in Delhi NCR accept CAT scores or either have their own MBA admission exams.

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