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National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC)

What is NAAC?

One of the largest and the most diverse education systems belongs to India. In the last decade, access to higher education has increased many folds. With the privatization and autonomy of the education system, the relevance and quality of higher studies are of great concern. To keep a check on these things, an autonomous institution of UGC (University Grants Commission) established NAAC (National Assessment and Accreditation) in 1994.

Students searching for colleges and universities for higher studies should select on the basis of NAAC grading. You will find lots of colleges offering programs, but look out for NAAC Accredited College in Greater Noida, and other parts of Delhi NCR considering the following points.

What is NAAC’s Objective?

➢    To inform the institutes with higher education about their strengths, weaknesses,  and opportunities.

➢    Identify the internal area of planning, the right allocation of resources, and commence advanced and modern methods.

➢    Improving the quality of higher education in India through initiatives for maintenance and regular quality evaluation both self and external.

➢    To initiate training programs, consultation, innovation, research, autonomy, and accountability.

➢    To engage in a high-quality education environment of learning, and teaching.

What Is The Criteria And Weightage Of the NAAC?

     ➢  Curricular Characteristics  

     ➢  Teaching & Learning

     ➢  Evaluation

     ➢  Research

     ➢  Consultancy

     ➢  Extensions

     ➢  Infrastructure

     ➢  Progression

   ➢  Learning Resources  

   ➢  Student Support

   ➢  Collegiality

   ➢  Governance

   ➢  Leadership

   ➢  Management

   ➢  Institutional Values

   ➢  Best Practices

How Does NAAC Accreditation Help Students?

  • NAAC accreditation will help students judge the quality of education and infrastructure of the institute.
  • Through the grade of a higher learning institute, it will help students determine the quality of teaching and learning in the NAAC Accredited Colleges.
  • Based on the grade on NAAC, students can choose the best institute, like a NAAC A Grade institution in Greater Noida will be a better choice for a student belonging to Noida than a B grade College there.
  • The value of the degree offered by the institute in higher learning can also be determined by the NAAC grade. Students should look out for grades of NAAC Accredited Colleges in Delhi NCR before choosing.

NAAC Accreditation Importance

➢  It is mandatory for institutes and universities that offer high learning education to be NAAC accredited. 

➢  Universities are not eligible for any kind of financial help, RUSA grant, or UGC grants without NAAC accreditation.

➢  Grades of NAAC Accreditation determines the different aspects of colleges and universities. It helps students ascertain the quality of higher education, the infrastructure, the teaching and learning method, and more importantly the value of the program they want to choose.

➢  The most in-demand institutes which offer high-quality education possess top NAAC accreditation grades such as A++, A+, and A. 

➢  Soon after the first or second batch of courses, all the recognized colleges are expected to be NAAC Accredited College.

Understanding Of Cycles And Reassessment.

  • Cyle 1 consists of higher learning institutions that undertake an assessment of the NAAC for the first time.
  • Cycle 2, Cycle 3, etc are the consecutive five year periods.
  • Reaccreditation is allowed to the institutes who are looking out for an improvement in their accredited status. 
  • Reassessment is allowed after a year of the first assessment. However, it should be no more than 3 years.
  • Reevaluation upraises the grades of NAAC accredited colleges concluding that the institution is now meeting higher standards of education with quality management and learning. 
  • Students will also be assured that the NAAC Accredited colleges in Delhi NCR and other parts of India possess good qualification, quality in teaching and management and can look forward to a good learning experience. 

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