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Mangalmay Institute of Management & Technology believes in establishing itself as a pioneer institute by providing best education to the students to nurture them and help them establish themselves as an asset to the society as well as the country. Mangalmay firmly believes that one of the ways to achieve this is by focusing on innovation and providing the much-needed exposure to the students and enables them to connect with the advancements happening around the world.

Due to aggressive competition in various areas like Finance, Information Technology, Engineering, Medicine, Project Management, Teaching etc. getting a Certification Course has become necessary for a person to stand ahead of others in the walk of life.


✥ It’s A Stamp Of Excellence.
✥ Increases Employability.
✥ Keeps You Better Aligned With The Pace Of Current Era.
✥ Makes You Committed Towards Your Profession.
✥ Continues A Spirit Of Life-Long Learning.


In this pandemic of COVID-19 as there is a lockdown, we are taking steps to utilize this time to connect with students and offer them different flavors of certification courses in the Management stream that will be available for online participation. These courses benefit the students to enrich their skills and enhance their knowledge. Mangalmay is providing the students with an opportunity to opt from amongst these courses according to their interest and their need. Participation in these online certification courses supports the students by grooming them and assisting them in their pursuit for excellence. This way these courses also make the students ready for their further education and maintain the required attitude.


1. Certificate Program in Entrepreneurial Development

2. Certificate Program in Digital Marketing

3. Certificate Program in Supply Chain

4. Certificate Program in Retail Management


NOTE - For the students that will be confirming to seek admission or have already taken the admission in Mangalmay Institute of Management and Technology for the session 2020-21, these certifications shall be provided FREE OF COST. Those students that are willing to attend the Certificate Program only will have to get themselves registered for these courses by paying the requisite charges.

Mode of Lecture - The lectures shall be conducted, leveraging the online platform of Google Meet/Zoom. Through this, the students can acquaint themselves with the live environment of the lecture and ensure their interactive participation.
Duration of Lecture - All the Lectures will be of 1- 2 Hours.
Registration - The registration will be on online basis through Google Forms.
Certification - An e-Certificate will be given to the students that will attend the certification courses.

Student can select any two certificate program

Batch Commencemet Date : 1st June 2020

Cost: Rs. 20000/-

❖ Certificate Program in Entrepreneurial Development

Entrepreneurism becomes a magic tool to eradicate the employment problems and accelerate the economic development of a country in developed and developing countries. This curriculum insists the importance of the entrepreneurs and states the ways to develop entrepreneurial culture among the people. This course enhances entrepreneurial skills and knowledge through structured modules and discussions that can facilitate the entrepreneurs to come forward to take up the challenge.

Course Curriculum

➢ Entrepreneurship - Entrepreneurial styles and types - Characteristics of the Entrepreneur
➢ Types of Entrepreneurs
➢ Formulation of a Business Plan
➢ Establishing a small-scale enterprise
➢ Financing of Enterprise
➢ Forms of Business Ownership
➢ E-Commerce and E-Business

Learning Outcome

➢ Familiar with the knowledge of entrepreneur and entrepreneurship.
➢ Providing conceptual inputs to create new ventures by an entrepreneur.

Career Prospects

➢ Gain enhanced entrepreneurial skills and knowledge through structured modules.
➢ Understand the importance of the entrepreneurship and the ways to develop entrepreneurial culture among the people.
➢ Gain confidence to start up your own business unit.

Duration :

15 Days (24 Hours -18 Hours Theory + 6 Hours Practical)

❖ Certificate Program in Digital Marketing

Course Learning Objectives

➢ To help students understand digital and social media marketing practices.
➢ To provide understanding of the concept of social media platforms.
➢ To impart learning on various digital channels and how to acquire and engage consumers online.
➢ To provide insights on building organizational competency by way of digital marketing practices and cost considerations.
➢ To develop understanding of the latest digital practices for marketing and promotion.

Career Prospects

Digital marketing is a rapidly growing and evolving career path. As more channels of communication become available, the need for people qualified to keep pace with the demands grows as well. The type of person best-suited to excel in a digital marketing career is someone that possesses certain personality qualities.

Course Content (24 Hours)

Hour - 1: Buyer Persona - A Detailed Understanding [For Beginners].
Hour - 2: Customer Journey Stages - A Beginner’s Introduction.
Hour - 3: Understanding AIDA Marketing Model with Example.
Hour - 4: Inbound Marketing - A Complete Guide for Beginners [Updated].
Hour - 5: Digital Marketing Campaigns - An In-Depth Guide for Beginners.
Hour - 6: A Beginner's Guide To Content Marketing [An Inbound Approach].
Hour - 7: What is A Blog - Understanding the terms Blog, Blogger and Blogging.
Hour - 8: Top 15 Types of Blog Posts In the Blogging World.
Hour - 9: 11 Tips To Write Great Blog Posts That Ranks High And Converts Fast.
Hour - 10: Tips To Create A Lead Capture Page [For High Conversion Rate].
Hour - 11: 24 Factors To Be Considered To Design And Develop An Exceptional Website.
Hour - 12: A Beginner’s Introduction to Search Engines.
Hour - 13: Introduction To Google Ads (formerly "Google AdWords").
Hour - 14: How to Get Google Ads (AdWords) Certification: A Step-By-Step Guide.
Hour – 15: What Is Social Media Marketing - A Guide For Beginners.
Hour – 16: How To Become A Social Media Expert [Updated].
Hour – 17: Introduction To Email Marketing – For Beginners [Updated].
Hour – 18: How To Become A Digital Marketer [A 16-Step Guide].
Hour – 19: How To Make Money By Blogging – 12 Real - Time Case Studies.
Hour – 20: 11 Trending Digital Marketing Skills To Add To Your Resume [Freshers].
Hour – 21: Google Analytics Tutorial For Beginners [For Easy Understanding].
Hour – 22: 9 Deadly Digital Marketing Mistakes Committed By Every Newbie Digital Marketer.
Hour – 23: 10 Important and Effective Digital Marketing Tools For Running Successful Campaigns.
Hour – 24: How to Hire The Right Digital Marketing Agency For Your Business?

Learning Outcomes

➢ To develop an understanding of Digital Marketing practices.
➢ To understand social media platforms.
➢ To acquire and engage students for consumers online.
➢ To develop understanding of the latest digital practices for marketing and promotions.

Duration :

15 Days (24 Hours -18 Hours Theory + 6 Hours Practical)

❖ Certificate Program in Retail Management

Certificate program in Retail Management is the right course for aspirants who would like to become retail professionals at supervisory levels and those who own or manage a retail business. The program will focus on fundamental retail topics and provides students with the ability to choose electives based on broad interests or specific areas such as buying, operations, or management. Certificate Course in Retail Management explains you the basics of retail, category management, retail store operations, performance metrics and designing marketing and promotional strategies. The course also equips the participants with the tools and terminologies that will be required to survive and grow in this ever-growing sector.

How is the Certificate program in Retail Management Course Beneficial?

Certificate Course in Retail Management gives real-world understanding of what the complete retail sector does and prepares the participant to get ready for the rewarding career in the retail the course sector.

Course Curriculum

➢ Explain What is Retail Management
➢ Describe the Benefits of Retailing
➢ Explain the Retail Selling Process
➢ Explain the Classification of Retailers
➢ Explain the Components of Retailing Concept
➢ Understand the Steps of Retail Strategy Planning
➢ Trends in Retailing
➢ Explain What is Franchising
➢ Explain What is Merchandising
➢ Explain What is Visual Merchandising
➢ Describe the Importance of Location in Retailing
➢ Explain the Types of Retail Location
➢ List the Tips for Success in Retailing
➢ Technology in Retail

Employment Areas

➢ Advertising Agencies
➢ Big Bazaar
➢ Colleges & Universities
➢ Departmental Stores
➢ Movie Theatres
➢ Supermarkets
➢ Supply Chains

Job Profiles

➢ Brand Manager
➢ Category Manager
➢ Department Manager
➢ Project Manager
➢ Retail Buyer
➢ Sales Manager
➢ Store Manager
➢ Supply Chain and Logistics Manager

Duration :

15 Days (24 Hours -18 Hours Theory + 6 Hours Practical)

❖ Certificate Program in Supply Chain

Supply chain management is the management of the flow of goods and services and includes all processes that transform raw material into final products. It involves the active streamlining of a business's supply -side activities to maximize customer value and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Learning Outcomes

➢ To understand the role of supply chain Management in overall Business Strategy of the firm.
➢ To understand the application of SCM planning and techniques to the manufacturing firms. Describe the Benefits of Retailing
➢ To identify and evaluate the key factors and methods of effective Supply chain.

Career Prospects

➢ Enhancing the skills of Strategizing Supply Chain of an Organization
➢ Analyzing Supply Chain functions vis -a- vis other functions of Organization
➢ Enablement of entrepreneurial skills for starting a business.

Course Curriculum

Module I ( 4 Hours)

The Basics of Supply Chain Management:- Introduction, Definition of Supply Chain Management, Evolution of the Concept of Supply Chain Management, Key Drivers of Supply Chain Management, Core and Reverse Supply Chain, Cycle View of Supply Chain, Problems in SCM and case study.

Module II (6 Hours)

Planning Demand and Supply-I:- Components of SCM, Demand Management, Demand Forecasting in supply chain- Simple moving average, weighted moving average, exponential smoothing method, Case study.

Module III (6 Hours)

Procurement and Inventory Management:- Introduction, Supply Chain Operations, Procurement Cycle, Inventory Management, Inventory Costs, Types of Inventory Models, Inventory Control Systems, Tools of Inventory Management, case study.

Module IV (5 Hours)

Supply Chain Benchmarking:- Introduction, Understanding the Benchmarking Concept, Benchmarking Process, Aggregate Planning, inbound and outbound SCM, bullwhip effect in SCM, case study.

Module V (4 Hours)

Recent Trends in Supply Chain Management:- New Developments in Supply Chain Management, Outsourcing Supply Chain Operations, The Role of E-Commerce in Supply Chain Management, Green Supply Chain Management, Lean Manufacturing and Agile Manufacturing, Case study.

Duration :

15 Days (24 Hours -18 Hours Theory + 6 Hours Practical)